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Telemental Health 

Telemental health utilizes telephone and/or online video conferencing to deliver counseling services.

 I hold national certification to offer telemental health services, and I am licensed in Idaho, Oregon and Washington State; if you are a resident in any of these states, I am eligible to work with you. 

While counseling through the use of technology might feel unconventional to some, telemental health provides flexibility and reduces barriers to receiving professional counseling services. Clients are able to attend sessions in the comfort of their own home or other location of convenience. Counseling within the virtual office takes aspects of face-to-face counseling to the online format: a private setting free from distraction, confidentiality to share and discuss sensitive material, and digital paperwork stored securely in an online database. All platforms used are HIPAA-compliant.  

Whether you are experienced in the ways of telemental health or considering the delivery for the first time, I am happy to walk you through the process and provide any helpful information. 

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