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I work from Person-Centered and Feminist theoretical frameworks


Person-Centered invites clients to explore topics and experiences when they are ready. Clients make their own connections, meanings, and truths; the counselor acts as a humble and curious guest, reflecting back observations that may be useful clues along the way.  


A feminist perspective assumes client issues are mediated by their personal identities and the larger cultural meanings attributed by society. A feminist counselor listens for instances where 'social rules' may or may not serve the client, and collaborates on ways to increase helpful situations and decrease instances which act as barriers.   

You can probably already see how these two approaches might work well together. Both focus on client personal experience and identities, and highlight client truths and societal realities.


By using these two approaches, my goal is for you to heal and restore, and to grow and gain awareness to thrive beyond counseling. 

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